The League of NH Craftsmen Welcomes a Whimsical Deer for 36th Annual Ornament:

Through the Thicket

New Hampshire Craftsman showcases the beauty of wood
The League’s 36th Annual Ornament is a nod to ingenuity and the innate beauty of natural wood. Segmented blocks of wood are hand-assembled and shaped by Franklin wood worker and artist Kevin Turgeon, to create a tiny reindeer with a winsome turn of the head.
“I was inspired by an image with an optical illusion that gave a wooden sculpture the appearance of being turned at an angle,” says craftsman Kevin Turgeon,”and it got me
thinking of ways that I could actually make the angle a reality.” Turgeon uses seven different species of woods in the blocks he creates as a first step in the ornament process.
“I use African Mahogany, Ash, Cherry, Hickory, Maple, Red Oak, and White Oak.
Six reindeer are crafted from each block and while you may find a few twins in the mix, they are largely unique in their appearance.”
The 2023 League ornament comes gift-boxed and sells for $26. Call the Littleton Gallery 603-444-1099 to purchase your Annual Ornament as a gift or add to your collection. 

This annual offering is an important fundraiser for the League that supports local artists and affiliated League
Fine Craft Galleries. The ornament is a thoughtful keepsake to mark any special occasion, milestone or holiday. Each of these turned wooden ornaments, which feature
seven different species of wood, is hand finished and inscribed by the artist with his signature and the date.