NH OPEN DOORS Saturday May 6
Handweaving Demonstration by Kate Kilgus

Handweaver Kate Kilgus weaves beautiful hand towels and available at the Littleton Gallery 81 Main St Littleton NH kilgus turquoisewindowpanetowel

Kate Kilgus is a handweaver from Londonderry, New Hampshire. She enjoys weaving functional pieces that can be used in the home, including kitchen towels and table runners. Her work is inspired by classic weaving structure and pattern and the colors that are found in her New Hampshire garden: leaf greens, vibrant rosy reds, and morning glory blossom blues. A classically trained musician, Kate enjoys the rhythm and movement that is found at the loom and, ultimately, in a piece of finished cloth.


Mother's Day Tea Party 2017 at the Littleton League Gallery. Serving tea in vintage cups and exhibit of handmade teapots by juried craftsmen