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Teen Color Play with Enamels with Lucy Golden
enamelingEnameling is an ancient art in which powdered glass is fused with metal. In this class, students will be introduced to the techniques of sifting, stenciling, and sgraffito, among others, and will end up with unique and colorful pieces.
One Day Workshop Ages 11-16+
Saturday, February 17th 12:00PM to 4:00PM
Tuition $60 Materials: $15 paid to instructor

Shaving Cream Prints with Lori Silva
There are many different ways to make prints, from the highly technical and complex to the relatively simple. This really fun printing activity can marble paper or create actual images using nontraditional printing materials. Finished prints can be used for a variety of other art projects or stand alone as a unique piece of art. Explore how regular shaving cream and food coloring can create fun and vibrantly colored prints through a process that seems almost like magic!
One Day Workshop Ages 6+
Saturday, January 27th 10:00 to 12:00PM
Tuition: $35 Materials Fee: Included

String Art with Lori Silva
Using a hammer, nails, yarn & your imagination we will create a stunning piece of art. You may bring in your pattern & yarn or choose from materials that will be available.
One Day Workshop 9+
Saturday, April 21st 10:00 to 12:00PM
Tuition: $35 Materials Fee: $10

Kids drawing with Jennifer Chance
Learn some basic tricks of the trade to help you become skilled at drawing.  We will take a look at the Elements of Art (line, shape, form, space, value, texture and color) and how to apply these ideas to our own artworks.  Media will include drawing pencils, colored pencils and ink.
One 6 Week Class 6+
Saturdays, February 3rd to March 10th 10:00-12:00PM
Tuition: $144 Materials Fee: Included

Winter Kites with Doug Desjardins
Kite building and flying is an ancient art form. Join artist Doug Desjardins and learn how to build, decorate and then fly your very own kite in this amazing hands on magical experience.  Kites will be created in smaller scale than the ones pictured.
One 3 Week Class – Ages 6+
Saturdays, February 27th to March 3rd 10:00-12:00PM
Tuition: $72 Materials Fee: Included